Phrozen 3D Printer

Focus on DLP & LCD Technology

Which is Faster & Higher Resolution

Our Goal is to Let You Finish Your Job

More Efficiently !

Excellent Mechanical Design

With Optical Profession

With These Capabilities 

We Make Reliable 3D Printer Than Others

Even In Same Specification

We Get Better Resolution & Sharpness

in Each Print

Open to 3rd Party Resins

We DO NOT Put Restriction on Resins

Besides Phrozen's Official Resin

Feel Free to Use Other Superior Resin

To Challenge Our Printers !

Join Our Community !

We Have Facebook Group for Our Users

We Encourage Everyone to Share

By Exchanging Printing Experience

We All Can Improve Ourselves !

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Professional 3D Printer

Start From Crowd-Funding 

Phrozen is built by 3 Engineers in Taiwan

We Start Our Journey by Crowd-Funding

Our Target Is to

Make Professional 3D Printer Accessible !

Our Products

LCD Technology

Build Size 12 x 6.8 x 20 cm

XY Resolution 47 µm

Z Resolution 10 µm

Print Speed 3 cm per hour

Tolerance < 30 µm

LCD Technology

Build Size 19 x 12 x 20 cm

XY Resolution 75 µm

Z Resolution 10 µm

Print Speed 3 cm per hour

Tolerance < 30 µm

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Our Goal
Waiting so long for low resolution 3D printing goods has been our problems for a while. How can we solve it with limited budget?
That's why we get together in 2014. 
Phrozen RD team combines and contributes our knowledge in mechanical design and material engineering to DLP & LCD 3D printer development work. Our goal is to build an accurate but user friendly 3D printer with fast printing speed and various resins to use.